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Machu Picchu AudioGuide is an initiative that is born in 2008 in Cusco from the desire to offer services of added value to touristic places like Machu Picchu for FREE but with the greatest possible information.

We are a human group committed to offering quality tourism and information services, making use of the technology of the moment we provide access to knowledge of visitors to Machu Picchu

We have developed a set of easy to use tools such as audios, Google Maps and Street View created to know where Machu Picchu is on a map, to answer the questions around Machu Picchu getting you the facts of this Inca´s City. Google Maps has allowed us to develop a custom map with 6 layers of information, tour of the Historic Sanctuary, groups of buildings, agricultural areas and urban areas, among others. Google Street View has allowed us to develop accurate each of the items on this audioguide, with this tool you can visualize exactly every attractive location in the Historic Sanctuary. Compatible with all devices that have an active data package.​

Mario Obando Cazorla


I am a business administrator by profession, International Trade Promoter, Entrepreneur, lover of good coffee, get to know me more through social networks.