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25 Machu Picchu Audios you should listen to IMPROVE your Travel to Perú, and some more gifts for your-self guided Tour.

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I think travel to Machu Picchu must be one of more best experiences must accompany one during his lifetime, I mean to see the place and contemplate its majesty and incredible location leave one simply speechless and want to capture that time and that vibe as much as possible, I understand you.

Remember that Machu Picchu is located in the eastern Cordillera of southern Peru at 7970 feet, so you’ll need to take things easy and not rush to travel as much as possible in the shortest time, or certainly end up sitting in one of the agricultural terraces or in the middle of the main square.

Take your time and enjoy the panoramic views of this wonder of the world, without the trouble of a guide who is quick to return to Machu Picchu village in the bus, and do not blame him, because the queues to take the buses are usually very long I think that now all day.

Using these tools is as simple as using your phone to enter the site and start making use of the guide or self-guided audio tour.

25 Audios of Machu Picchu are:

01. Introduction to Machu Picchu

02. The Guard Houses

03. The Agricultural Sector

04. Upper Agricultural Sector

05. Lower Agricultural Sector

06. The Palace of the Princess

07. The Temple of the Sun

08. The Royal Mausoleum

09. House for the Guardians of the Fountains

10. The Religious Fountains

11. The Inca´s House or The Kings Group

12. The Quarry Group

13. The Sacred Plaza

14. The High Priest´s House

15. The Temple of the Three Windows

16. The Main Temple

17. The Temple of The High Priest

18. The Intihuatana

19. The Main Plaza

20. The Sacred Rock

21. The Industrial Sector – Three Gates

22. The Industrial District

23. The Cemeteries

24. The Temple of the Condor

25. The Jail´s Group

In addition to these 25 audio it is included a map of Machu Picchu elaborated on Google Maps with 06 layers of information, one of the layers is the audio guides or also known as self-guided tour, so you can also use your Google Maps and locate you in each of the 25 points of Machu Picchu we have developed.

If that were not enough, also 25 locations Machu Picchu are included in Street View.

We also provide information related to Machu Picchu as general news and weather in Machu Picchu.

Well, what are you waiting for to make FREE use of this set of tools designed to know the facts and the history of Machu Picchu.

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