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The Industrial District

The Industrial District audio

The Industrial District - Machu Picchu

Audio 22.
The Industrial District

This neighborhood is considered in the traditional theory as the neighborhood of industry or industrial by the consideration of two elements of stones that by the number of buildings takes this name, so the traditional theory suggests that the buildings were workshops as well as homes of artisans. But in reality as not only in the ideology are the opposite and complementary but also almost all aspects of the life of this people we find also in architecture, therefore, this neighborhood would become the neighborhood of the lunar religion, of the lunar and administrative nobility of the Urin Machu Picchu (lower quarters). On the floor of this room, there are two mortars aligned longitudinally of the enclosure. Some think that this enclosure had no roof, to allow the constellations to be observed in the clear night after filling the mortars with water.

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